About kids-puzzles.com kids-puzzles began in 2003 and grew out of my exploration of flash animation. It originally consisted of just a few hidden objects puzzles, mazes and jigsaws. When puzzles.com featured one of my puzzles on their site, kids-puzzles became discovered by the outside world. I soon noticed that teachers were linking to the site from their school web pages which led me to become interested in trying to make the boring repetitive nature of memorization a bit more fun. If people enjoyed doing a tile game, perhaps kids would do an academic tile game and with the focus on trying to clear the board it's easy to forget that you are going through the repetitive actions of memorization. This site charges no fee and I hope to continue to offer these puzzles and activities free of charge and to continue to expand the number of puzzles. I support the site through custom designs that I sell on merchandise through a variety of print on demand companies. So, if you are looking for an academic themed gift for yourself or your favorite student or teacher check out kids-puzzles.com Online Store I ask that you do not copy any of the puzzles for publication or resale and if are having trouble viewing the site drop me a line and make me aware of the problem. Have fun!